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Helping California Property and Business Owners Fight Abusive ADA Violation Claims


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While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created with the best of intentions, amendments to the legislation over the past ten years have opened the door to abusive lawsuits in an attempt to enforce the ADA and its California counterpart, the Unruh Act.  Loopholes in both the ADA and the Unruh Act have created a bounty hunter system that encourages disabled individuals to file lawsuits without ever giving business and property owners any notice or opportunity to fix any violations they may unknowingly have at their property.  These lawsuits, which are filed in both State and Federal Court, not only allow the disabled individual to collect a statutory penalty from the property and business owners for any violation, but they also allow them to collect all the attorney fees spent going to trial on the lawsuit.

Across the United States, more than 18,000 lawsuits claiming violations of the ADA have been filed in the past ten years, with the majority of these cases filed in California.

Law Firms and/or Attorneys filing ADA lawsuits in California include:

The Center for Disability Access, Disabled Advocacy Group, APLC, Ray Ballister Jr., aka Raymond Ballister Jr., Mark Potter, Phil Grace, Ross Cornell, Michael Taibi, Christopher Monge, Lynn Hubbard III, Scott Lynn J. Hubbard IV, Morse Mehrban, Thomas W, Gillen, Pamela Tsao, aka Pam Tsao, Ascension Law Group, Scott Cohen, Bahram Madaen, Ted Shin, Dayton Magallanes, Azidian Law Group, Anthony Blaser, Metz and Harrison, Peter Kristofer Strojinik, and others.

Plaintiffs filing ADA Lawsuits in California include:

Michelle Johnson, Tim Conn, Martin Vogel, Roberta Rogers, Rafeal Arroyo Jr., Priscilla Flores, Luis Villegas, Mathew Verdiglione, Willie Fontano, James Rodriquez, James Zarian, Raul Uriarte, Shirley Lindsay, Jose Reyes, John Ho, Hoang Minh Le, Samuel Zarian, Samuel Love, Michael Rocca, Chris Langer, Anthony Navarro, Gabriela Cabrera, Alejandro Diaz, Narhen Martussian, Pedro Perez Pelano, Cecil Shaw, Darnel Hines, William Turner, John Weekley, Jose Estrada, Jerry Jackson, Robert Elguezabel, Darryl Eversole, Theresa Brooke, and more.

Most business and property owners feel that they been unfairly targeted by these ADA lawsuits.  If you have been a victim of one of these lawsuits, it is important you talk to an attorney that specializes in ADA law immediately, as the longer these lawsuits drag out the more costly they become.   


Additionally, the only way to stop this abuse of the law is to have the law changed.  So contact your local State legislatures!







Q: Do I need to hire a lawyer?

A: A lawyer that specializes in ADA law will help you with the complexity of this unique area of the law and also advise you on the correct repairs and modifications that may be necessary at your property. A lawyer that specializes in ADA will likely save you thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary court costs, negotiating the best settlement (if a settlement is required), and helping you avoid common mistakes that are made in settlement agreements and property modifications.

Q: I was just served, how quickly do I need to contact an ADA lawyer?

A: Contacting a lawyer once you have been served with a lawsuit, or if you are being threatened with a lawsuit, is the best thing to do. Completing certain needed modifications in a timely manner can reduce the violation penalty in some cases.  Further, allowing plaintiff to continue incurring attorney fees can make ADA lawsuits much more costly.

Q: What if I was served weeks ago?

A: You should immediately contact an ADA lawyer so they can obtain, and properly document, an extension of time to file an answer with the Court. This can avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary court and litigation costs.  Time is of the essence and any delay could be costly. 

Q:  Do I have to go to court?

A: A knowledgeable ADA lawyer will almost always be able to resolve your matter without it going to trial.  With their expertise, they know when a case should go to trial, or if the case should be settled or simply dismissed.

Q:  Can I just settle the lawsuit on my own?

A: A lawyer who specializes in  ADA law will have the experience to get the best settlement, sometimes without any payment to the plaintiff. Once a matter has been settled, the ADA Settlement Agreement will need to be reviewed and modified as necessary to ensure you don't face future litigation expenses for an alleged breach of the ADA Settlement Agreement.

Q: Does my ADA lawyer need to visit my property?

A: With the advances in technology, most advising on ADA matters can be done over the phone and through email.  Your ADA lawyer can recommend local CASp inspectors and contractors to help with any modifications needed at the property and will attend any court hearings as necessary.




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If you are a victim of an ADA lawsuit, your property or business may not be in compliance with current ADA and Unruh Act code for disability access.  The rules and regulations for disability access are complex.  A Certified Access Specialist (CASp Inspector) can review your property for violations and make recommendations on how to bring your property into compliance. 


This website is for informational purposes only presented by the above law firm.  Please seek professional legal counsel for legal services.

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